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Alternative Historilogical Musicology

Professor Bonkerfield's Lessons in Historimusiconstructionism

This is the course website for Professor Casimir Bonkerfield, distinguished lecturer of Alternative Historilogical Musicology and Historimusiconstructionism at the Bowery Insitute. I perform and lecture on post-folk musical and cultural history in the American Midwest. My current course offerings are

  • Dusty Earth - The rise and fall of the Dusty Earth Collective
  • Principle - coming soon

Why I integrate history and performance?

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Curious to learn more?

Wondering what prompted this research? Suspicious that there’s something more to this than meets the eye? Check out my faculty page to learn more.

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If you like this work please join my support community on Ampled. Your contribution can help fund more research, performance, and composition. Supporting my work also supports the Ampled artist-owned cooperative platform–a great way to keep other innovative artists growing in the indie music creation space.