Wasted Summer

Welcome to Guymon, OK. Over the course of the past 5 years I’ve retraced a twisted tale of betrayal and human greed by carefully researching an overlooked collection of modern american folk songs in the genre of middle american country and blues. Using these songs as a primary source, I’ve combed the surprisingly scant historical record of the world of the 1990s to fill in the gaps and uncover the truth behind these song’s controversial origins. This story centers on the plight of the american working class and the forces of modernization and corporatism that have upended their lives, but it’s also a deeply personal story of people losing what they love and learning who they can and can’t trust, told sometimes by those who’d lived very close to the heart of these events. I thank you again for joining me tonight, and I hope you find this series both educational and if I do my job right perhaps even a touch entertaining.

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